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The Future of the Wild

Radical Conservation for a Crowded World

Author: Jonathan S. Adams

The grizzly bear, the northern spotted owl, the mountain lion, the sea otter-these are just a few of the species that, however large or small, tell us so much about how to conserve what’s left of North America’s wilderness.

In The Future of the Wild, conservationist Jonathan S. Adams uses stories about these species and others to show us how to think big. Only by saving large tracts of land and the wildlife corridors that connect them can we hope to save the widest variety of species in any ecosystem. And only by saving whole ecosystems, including human communities, can we hope to make significant strides in conservation. Individual parcels of land, acquired piecemeal, simply will not provide an adequate safeguard against endangerment-or worse, extinction. Even large national parks will not suffice, unless they are connected to the larger landscape.

Eloquently and accessibly, Adams weaves conservation history and biology with on-the-ground stories of successful, if unexpected, partnerships wherein sometimes opposing groups find common ground in their commitment to protect land and the animals that inhabit it. From Arizona ranchers using the latest scientific advances to create a “working wilderness,” to farmers and conservationists in the Florida Everglades protecting endangered wetlands and the California Department of Transportation unpaving roads for use as mountain lion crossings, based on research into the animals’ movements.

Adams proves that an effective conservation strategy is only possible if we use modern science, local community resources, and good economic sense. In The Future of the Wild, the vision Adams offers is clear and hopeful. It is up to environmentalists everywhere to heed his call and work to protect the wildness of the land around us.
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Review by: Paul Evans, BBC Wildlife - March 6, 2006
"An engaging, well-written book with a real feel for wildlife, wild places and the fascinating cast of characters-scientists, environmentalists and ranchers-whose idealism and dedication are contributing to a radically different kind of conservation."
Review: Library Journal - November 29, 2005
"As program director for the Nature Conservancy, Adams is in the perfect position to write about the contemporary conservation movement. His essay collection is grounded in a firm historical perspective and incorporates a recent shift in thinking."
Review: Publishers Weekly - November 1, 2005
"Fertile with fresh thinking, this book is an uncommonly eloquent call for urgent but thoughtful action."
Review by: Scott Weidensaul, Author of Return to Wild America - November 1, 2005
"Our fragmented, piecemeal approach to conservation is broken, but Jonathan Adams knows how to fix it. In The Future of the Wild, this respected conservationist ranges from the dusty mountains of Arizona to the marshes of south Florida, laying out a bold road map for how to bind together the scattered remnants of this continent's wild places-and for knitting up the mingled fates of the wild and human communities that inhabit them, envisioning a better, more sustainable future for both."
Review by: Thomas Lovejoy, president, The Heinz Center for Science - November 1, 2005
"Conservation of isolated parks and reserves alone will ultimately fail. The Future of the Wild tells the compelling and absorbing tale of the alternative: a conservation of hope that integrates humans into a living landscape. Anyone interested in global 'futures' should consider this book required reading."

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