Beacon Press: The Essential Marcuse
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The Essential Marcuse

Selected Writings of Philosopher and Social Critic Herbert Marcuse

Editors: Andrew Feenberg, William Leiss   Author: Herbert Marcuse

The best essays by one of the most important political philosophers of the twentieth century

The Essential Marcuse provides an overview of Herbert Marcuse’s political and philosophical writing over four decades, with excerpts from his major books as well as essays from various academic journals. The most influential radical philosopher of the 1960s, Marcuse’s writings are noteworthy for their uncompromising opposition to both capitalism and communism. His words are as relevant to today’s society as they were at the time they were written.
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"Introduction: The Critical Theory of Herbert Marcuse" by Andrew Feenberg & William Leiss

Part I. Political Critique

  1. "The Individual in the Great Society," [from Alternatives, a student journal, 1966]
  2. "Remarks on a Redefinition of Culture" [from Daedalus, 1965]
  3. "Repressive Tolerance" [from A Critique of Pure Tolerance, Beacon]

Part II: Marxism and Existentialism

  1. "A Note on Dialectic" [from Reason and Revolution, Beacon]
  2. "The Foundations of Historical Materialism" [from Studies in Critical Philosophy, Beacon]
  3. "Heidegger's Politics: An Interview with Herbert Marcuse" [from Graduate Philosophy Journal, 1977]
  4. "Sartre's Existentialism" [from Studies in Critical Philosophy, Beacon]
  5. "Freedom and Freud's Theory of Instincts" [from Five Lectures, Beacon]

Part III. Philosophical Critique

  1. "Philosophical Interlude" [from Eros and Civilization, Beacon]
  2. "The Affirmative Character of Culture" [from Negations, Beacon]
  3. "Nature and Revolution" [from Counter-Revolution and Revolt, Beacon]

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The Essential Marcuse

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