Beacon Press: Ten Lives, Ten Demands
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Ten Lives, Ten Demands

Life and Death Stories, and a Black Activist’s Blueprint for Racial Justice

Author: Solomon Jones

Told through the powerful stories of Black lives that were ravaged by racism, including Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, this manifesto holds 10 demands to rectify racial injustice

Told through his perspective as an activist, acclaimed commentator Solomon Jones tells the stories of real people whose lives and deaths pushed the Black Lives Matter movement forward. He explains how each act of violence was incited by specific instances of structural racism, and details concrete and actionable strategies to address crimes committed by our “justice” system. These stories and strategies are a critical resource for social justice activists looking to further their anti-racist education. These demands form an actionable plan that is necessary to repair our racist past, change the racist present, and bring justice to the future—assuring that these victims did not suffer or die in vain. With 10 demands drawn directly from 10 lives, he draws a roadmap to justice, and challenges the system to follow through:

  1. George Floyd: Financial Reparations.
  2. Michael Brown: Consent Decrees.
  3. Terrence Williams, Hassan Bennett: Compensate the Wrongfully Convicted.
  4. Breonna Taylor: Charge Officers Who Fail to Use Body Cameras.
  5. Eric Garner: Make All Police Dismissal Records Public.
  6. Alton Sterling: Charge Police Officers Who Have Violated the Civil Rights of a Civilian.
  7. Tamir Rice: Civilian Oversight Boards.
  8. Trayvon Martin: Defund Police; Fund Trained Civilian Conflict Resolution Specialists.
  9. Kaia Rolle: Remove Police Officers From Schools.
  10. Sandra Bland: End Qualified Immunity.
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Ten Lives, Ten Demands

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