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Somebody's Daughter

A Novel

Author: Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Imagine giving birth to a daughter and having her whisked away moments later. Imagine being left to wonder for the rest of your days what became of her. This is the story of Kyung-sook, a Korean woman who fell in love, only to be abandoned at her most vulnerable moment.

Imagine being adopted, and growing up six thousand miles from the land of your birth, always wondering what your birth mother was like. Imagine being told that your birth parents died so your new parents could raise you to be an all-American girl. This is the story of Sarah Thorson, who discovers the truth about her birth when she is nineteen.

Sarah’s story begins when she drops out of the University of Minnesota and, more by happenstance than design, decides to study in Korea. As the summer progresses, Sarah becomes more and more intrigued by her Korean heritage, eventually discovering the truth about her adoption: her birth mother did not die in a car crash. With the help of two remarkable men, Jun-Ho Kim, a Korean hoping to befriend Americans, and Doug Henderson, a Korean American struggling with his mixed heritage, Sarah embarks on a crusade to find her birth mother that leads her to a deepening involvement with the culture, language, and people of Korea as she opens windows into the mysterious circumstances of her birth.

The stories of Sarah and Kyung-sook are told side by side: will they find each other?
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Review by: Nora Keller, Author of Comfort Woman and Fox Girl - January 1, 2005
"In this moving portrayal of an adopted girl's search for her biological mother, Marie Lee gives voice and validation to a segment of the Korean American community that has been overlooked too long and too often. Somebody's Daughter is a gift for those forgotten, for the thousands of Korean children adopted by white parents, for those who search and yearn for a sense of home and self."
Review by: Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Author of Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers - January 1, 2005
"Somebody's Daughter is that rare book, that rare page-turner, the one you cannot put down, the one you will suspend washing the laundry for or cooking breakfast for. It is the novel you will open and read in one urgent breath as you take in the storyteller's compelling tale of lives felt long after the book's end as you turn off the light to sleep."
Review by: Ann Hood, Author of The Ornithologist's Guide to Life - January 1, 2005
"In a time when Asian adoptions are more and more commonplace, Marie Myung-Ok Lee's Somebody's Daughter hits an important and unique chord: the POV of the adopted child, now grown up and searching for her lost roots. Lee manages to be both comic and frank in this story of one girl's journey back to Korea, and her lost mother's own journey toward redemption."
Review by: Michael Cart, Author of Necessary Noise - January 1, 2005
"What a beautifully realized and emotionally rich but subtle novel this is. Lee's story of one young woman's search for self in Korea will resonate equally with both adult and young adult readers-a remarkable achievement."

Somebody's Daughter

ISBN: 978-080708388-8
Publication Date: 4/15/2005
Pages: 280
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