Beacon Press: Schools That Do Too Much
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Schools That Do Too Much

Wasting Time and Money in Schools and What We Can All Do About It

Author: Etta Kralovec

A sharp critique of radically misplaced priorities in schools

Schools That Do Too Much argues that American schools systematically misspend their two most precious resources: time and money. From class schedules that fragment students’ time to budgets that sink money into dozens of activities-especially sports-that distract from learning, Kralovec shows us how schools over and over try to do too much and end up delivering too little by way of real teaching and learning.
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“A thoroughgoing critique of how American schools operate: they start too early, they fragment the school day . . ., they focus too much time and energy on non-educational tasks like dental health and sports . . . The fundamental question about schools today, she writes, is not so much how to raise test scores but how to clarify, exactly, ‘what we value most.’“
-New York Times

“Kralovec asks a simple question, but one with complex and profound implications . . . [She] is no back-to-basics ideologue . . . but she does care about learning . . . Kralovec’s succinct work should set the tone for conversations that administrators, school boards and politicians need to be having across the nation.” -Publishers Weekly

“Without bashing administrators and teachers, Kralovec . . . demonstrates that schools end up doing too little of what matters.” -Library Journal

“Kralovec assumes the gadfly role again by insisting that schools scale back or even eliminate activities that aren’t central to their educational mission.” -Teacher Magazine

Schools That Do Too Much

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