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Pregnant Girl

A Story of Teen Pregnancy, College, and Creating a Better Future for Young Families

Author: Nicole Lynn Lewis

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“Nicole Lynn Lewis has had it rough. Her journey through college as a teen mom is authentic and moving. Reading this book, you will learn something important about race, poverty, and gender and how they play a role in teen pregnancy. And you will learn something about how hope can win over adversity.”
—Soledad O’Brien

Pregnant Girl is not just a powerful memoir; it’s an empowering guide for all of us. Nicole Lynn Lewis shows us that all our journeys matter, and the beauty of those journeys is not just the destination but the lessons of the path. I would highly recommend this book to all.”
—Wes Moore, author of The Other Wes Moore; CEO of Robin Hood

“In these pages, Nicole Lynn Lewis weaves together a deeply personal narrative that chronicles the experience of becoming a young mother, her journey to successfully enroll in and complete college as a student parent, and the myriad ways in which our nation’s systems and structures must be changed in order to better support students with a story like hers. Importantly, this book also makes a compelling case for the multifaceted approach that is necessary to ensure that all young people—particularly our youth of color and young parents—are able to make the choice to pursue a college education, earn a degree, and lead thriving lives. This approach—which includes access to rich, rigorous learning opportunities; academic counseling; tutoring; social-emotional supports and mentors; and mental health services—is at the heart of the organization that Nicole Lynn Lewis founded, Generation Hope. It is an approach that is deeply rooted in the belief and call to action that is core to this book—that all young people are worthy of an education, worthy of resources and opportunity, and worthy of our every effort to help them reach their potential and soar.”
—Dr. John King, former US secretary of education under President Obama

Pregnant Girl

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