Beacon Press: Palmares
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Author: Gayl Jones

Gayl Jones’s long-awaited return—an epic novel of slavery and liberation, set in 17th-century colonial Brazil and blending mythology, history, and magic.

Gayl Jones has been described as one of the great literary writers of the 20th century, the justly acclaimed author of Corregidora, Eva’s Man, and The Healing. First discovered and edited by Toni Morrison, Gayl Jones stopped writing in 1999. Now, for the first time in over 20 years, Jones is ready to publish again.

Intricate and compelling, Palmares recounts the journey of Almeyda, a Black slave girl who matures on Portuguese plantations and escapes to a fugitive slave settlement called Palmares. Following its destruction, Almeyda embarks on a journey to find her husband, lost in the battle. She moves through a world impacted by colonial desire, greed, and lust, and discovers a hidden magic that lives beneath it.

Combining the author’s mastery of language and voice with her unique brand of mythology and magical realism, Jones reimagines the historical novel. The result is a sweeping saga spanning a quarter-century, with vibrant settings and unforgettable characters, steeped in the rich oral tradition of its world. Of Gayl Jones, the New Yorker noted, “[Her] great achievement is to reckon with both history and interiority, and to collapse the boundary between them.” Like nothing else before it, Palmares embodies this gift.

Palmares is the first of 5 new works by Gayl Jones to be published in the next 2 years, rewarding longtime fans and bringing her talent to a new generation of readers. Among these, Song of Almeyda (in an edition with Song of Anninho) is an upcoming book-length poem, told from the perspectives of two major characters from Palmares.
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ISBN: 978-080703349-4
Publication Date: 9/14/2021
Size:6 x 9 Inches (US)
Price:  $27.95
Format: Cloth
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