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Not in Our Classrooms

Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools

Editors: Eugenie C Scott, Glenn Branch   Foreword by: Rev. Barry W. Lynn

An accessible, multifaceted critique of the latest incarnation of creationism-“intelligent design“-from a team of legal, education, religion, and science experts

More than eighty years after the Scopes trial, creationism is alive and well. Through local school boards, sympathetic politicians, and well-funded organizations, a strong movement has developed to encourage the teaching of the latest incarnation of creationism intelligent design as a scientifically credible theory alongside evolution in science classes. Although intelligent design suffered a serious defeat in the recent Kitzmiller v. Dover trial, its proponents are bound to continue their assault on evolution education. Now, in Not in Our Classrooms, parents and teachers, as well as other concerned citizens, have a much-needed tool to use in the argument against teaching intelligent design as science.

Where did the concept of intelligent design originate? How does it connect with, and conflict with, various religious beliefs? Should we teach the controversy itself in our science classrooms? In clear and lively essays, a team of experts answers these questions and many more, describing the history of the intelligent design movement and the lack of scientific support for its claims. Most importantly, the contributors authorities on the scientific, legal, educational, and theological problems of intelligent design-speak specifically to teachers and parents about the need to defend the integrity of science education by keeping intelligent design out of science curriculums. A concluding chapter offers concrete advice for those seeking to defend the teaching of evolution in their own communities.

Not in Our Classrooms is essential reading for anyone concerned about defending the teaching of evolution, uncompromised by religiously motivated pseudoscience, in the classrooms of our public schools.
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“The future of our species probably depends on science education and our understanding of the natural world. If you’re concerned about science literacy, read this book.” —Bill Nye the Science Guy‚àövú

“The book . . . is an excellent resource to deal with the attack on evolution, which is a surrogate, and indeed a wedge, for a wide-ranging crusade against the scientific integrity of the public education system in America.” -Rev. Barry W. Lynn from the Foreword


Review: Voya Magazine - June 1, 2007
“An excellent resource for understanding and dealing with the challenges posed by the proponents of intelligent design.”
Review: Teachers College Record - April 1, 2007
“For teachers, school boards, and citizens who are interested in learning about intelligent design (ID) creationism and counteracting it, this book is a vital resource.”
Review: National Science Teachers Association - February 20, 2007
“It is a welcome and recommended addition to a library of materials that strengthen and enlighten science instruction in the era of a narrowly defined theism in the United States today . . . recommended for teachers, citizens, and policymakers.”Read Full Review
Review: Washington Monthly - January 1, 2007
Not in Our Classrooms makes its case well, underscoring the fatuousness of creationist science on every level: constitutional, educational and scientific…At its core, the evolution “debate” is a local one, and it’s at that level that the daily battles happen. Thanks to this collection, winning them might become a little easier.”

Review: Rethinking Schools - January 1, 2007
“This book provides substantial background information and perspective…such information and analysis can only help social justice educators.”
Review: Voice of Reason: The Journal of Americans for Religious L - December 1, 2006
“In Not in Our Classrooms Beacon Press has provided the indispensable tool for combating this grave threat to science and science education . . . This important book cannot be recommended too highly.”
Review: Teacher Magazine - December 1, 2006
“…we are in the midst of a struggle to preserve sound science education…It is crucial to resist such pressure, whether it comes from parents, community groups, administrators, or school board members. Reading this book is a good start.”
Review: Booklist - October 15, 2006
“Readers concerned about the teaching of 'intelligent design' will appreciate this resource.”
Review: Library Journal - September 1, 2006
“The book offers a substantial synopsis of the crux issues for lay readers, and it could serve as an excellent resource for students looking for a well-documented yet succinct pro-evolution overview…Recommended for public and academic libraries.”

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Not in Our Classrooms

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