Beacon Press: Maroon Arts
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Maroon Arts

Authors: Richard Price, Sally Price

Lavishly illustrated with more than three hundred images, this groundbreaking study presents the arts of the Maroons-descendants of rebel slaves from diverse African origins who wrested their freedom from Dutch plantation owners in South America in the eighteenth century and established independent societies in the tropical rain forest.
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“Sally and Richard Price’s groundbreaking work puts the history back into the art history of the African diaspora, carefully documenting three centuries of struggle, debate, imitation, and innovation in one of the world’s most beautiful artistic traditions.” -J. Lorand Matory, professor of Afro-American studies and anthropology, Harvard University

“This is a true marriage of anthropology and art history, and there is nothing in the anthropology of art yet like this kind of placement of expression in sociohistorical context.” -Fred Myers, chair, department of anthropology, New York University

“At once informative, sympathetic, insightful, and richly illustrated. It is a major contribution to our understanding of the cultural systems of the African Diaspora.” -Colin Palmer, Distinguished Professor of History, the Graduate School, City University of New York

Maroon Arts

ISBN: 978-080708551-6
Publication Date: 10/25/2000
Pages: 384
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