Beacon Press: Man's Search for Meaning
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Man's Search for Meaning

Author: Viktor E. Frankl   Foreword by: Harold S. Kushner   Afterword by: William J. Winslade

Born in Vienna in 1905, Viktor E. Frankl earned an MD and a PhD from the University of Vienna. He published more than thirty books on theoretical and clinical psychology and served as a visiting professor and lecturer at Harvard, Stanford, and elsewhere. Frankl died in 1997.

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“One of the great books of our time.” —Harold S. Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

“One of the outstanding contributions to psychological thought in the last fifty years.” —Carl R. Rogers (1959)


Review: O, the Oprah magazine - November 1, 2008
"[O]ne of the most significant books of the 20th century.”
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Man's Search for Meaning

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