Beacon Press: Making Babies, Making Families
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Making Babies, Making Families

What Matters Most in an Age of Reproductive Technologies, Surrogacy, Adoption, and Same-Sex and Unwed Parents' RIghts

Author: Mary L. Shanley

Thanks to new reproductive technologies and new ways of forming families, the world of parenting is opening up as never before. What defines a legal family? Should there be any restrictions on buying and selling eggs and sperm, or hiring "surrogate mothers"? How many parents can a child have?

While there's no going back to the traditional family, Mary Lyndon Shanley shows us that we don't have to live in moral chaos. She offers a new vision of family law that puts each child's right to be cared for at its center, while also taking into account the complex needs of every family member.
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"If you want to consider all sides of the thorniest issues affecting creation of a parent-child relationship . . . you could read over a hundred books, essays, and law review articles. Or you could read this book."
-Nancy D. Polikoff, The Women's Review of Books

"Critically sophisticated yet readily accessible."
-Publishers Weekly

"This distinctive and valuable contribution ensures that we protect the interests of children and other vulnerable people while sustaining the bonds of intimacy."
-Martha Minow, author of Between Vengeance and Forgiveness

"Making Babies, Making Families takes on all the hard questions . . . and with unflinching clear sight, carefully defined principles, and moral compassion creates a compelling basis for answers."
-Mona Harrington, author of Care and Equality

Making Babies, Making Families

ISBN: 978-080704409-4
Publication Date: 4/16/2002
Pages: 224
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Format: Paperback
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