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Infinite Hope

How Wrongful Conviction, Solitary Confinement and 12 Years on Death Row Failed to Kill My Soul

Author: Anthony Graves

A wrongfully convicted man who spent sixteen years in solitary confinement and twelve years on death row writes a powerful memoir about his long road to exoneration.

In 1992, when Anthony Graves was twenty-six-years old, he was arrested for murdering a family of six people in Somerville, Texas. Despite his airtight alibi, his unwavering insistence that he had no knowledge of the crime, and a lack of physical evidence linking him to the scene, Graves was arrested, charged with capital murder, and eventually sentenced to death. From behind bars, he spent nearly two decades defending his innocence and becoming an expert on our nation’s criminal justice tactics.

Graves struggled to maintain his dignity and sanity, from his initial arrest and early incarceration, when every decision turned against him, to living for many years as an innocent man on death row. But he continued to advocate for himself, as he and his lawyers overcame one setback after another to chip away at the state’s faulty case against him.

Finally, with the help of a hard-charging journalist and an exposé in Texas Monthly magazine, the astounding malfeasance in Graves’s case was made public. In 2011, more than eighteen years after his nightmare began, Graves was exonerated. The prosecutor in his case was disbarred, and Graves’s excruciating episode was over.

Infinite Hope is Graves’s poignant, skillfully wrought account of his fight for freedom from the confines of a cage. It is an argument against the death penalty through one man’s personal story and describes, in Graves’s words, “what people go through when they’re treated as disposable.”
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“His account is largely without bitterness or outrage—and is all the more powerful because of it. . . .A well-written, matter-of-fact, inspirational account of how a man prevailed against a criminal justice system that is deeply flawed.”
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“The gross injustices inflicted upon Anthony Graves are unconscionable, but they are not uncommon. His story is a bittersweet ray of light for other innocent men and women sitting in prison right now, totaling a number we may never, ever know. In Infinite Hope, the imprisoned will find much to guide their paths forward, through the power of Anthony’s experience and his persistent quest for justice. For those of us on the outside, our hearts should break for the innocent people whose stories go silent with their wrongful executions, like Anthony’s nearly did. Read this book. Then pass it on.”
—Russell Simmons, hip-hop pioneer, entrepreneur, and activist

“By now, everybody should know there are innocent people on death row. But never before has a book by one of those innocent men conveyed how easily this travesty can come about or the sheer terror these inmates face every hour of every day. Anthony Graves’s haunting memoir does exactly that. Infinite Hope will leave you aghast at the failure of our criminal justice system and in awe at Graves’s dignity and strength in the face of this failure.”
—David Dow, professor, University of Houston Law Center

“Charged, convicted, and put on death row for a crime that he did not commit, Anthony Graves experienced all the brutality the criminal process could muster: fabricated evidence, corrupt prosecutors, callous police, indifferent courts. Even in the face of such unimaginable horrors, Graves refused to accept his fate or surrender his humanity. Infinite Hope is an indictment of American criminal law that will rattle you to the core and inspire you to action.”
—James Forman Jr., professor of law at Yale Law School and author of Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America

Infinite Hope is a powerful memoir about wrongful conviction. No matter your opinion on the merits of capital punishment, the horror Anthony Graves endured will move you to outrage. It raises disturbing questions about the judicial system and eagerness for convictions at the expense of justice or even legality. It is a story you naturally think can’t happen to you. Pray you could maintain Graves’s extreme fortitude and presence of mind if it did. In the meantime, recognize with gratitude, ‘There but for the grace of God go I.’”
—Hill Harper, actor, activist, and best-selling author of Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny

“Anthony Graves’s story is one of resilience in the face of injustice. For twelve years, Anthony was silenced and isolated [on death row]. Now he has found his freedom and his voice. Infinite Hope speaks powerfully of the need for reform. By telling his story, Anthony calls on all of us to prevent these injustices from being repeated.”
—US Senator Richard J. Durbin


The Arrest

Trial, Conviction, and Sentencing

Surviving Death Row

Exoneration and Activism



Infinite Hope

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