Beacon Press: Improper Bostonians
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Improper Bostonians

Lesbian and Gay History from the Puritans to Playland

Foreword by: Barney Frank   Author: History Project

A Harvard student expelled for cross-dressing in the early 1600s, 17th-century citizens fined for same-sex cohabitation, touring female impersonators of the nineteenth century, early 20th-century women who passed as men and married other women . . .

Surprising, fun, and magnificently illustrated, Improper Bostonians is the first book to depict the last three centuries of gay and lesbian life in Boston - the American city with the longest recognized history of gay and lesbian life - and is the most comprehensive and meticulously researched gay city history ever written.

The History Project is a volunteer group of historians, archivists, writers, and designers committed to unearthing and preserving the history of lesbian and gay Boston.
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“If a picture is worth a thousand words, Improper Bostonians . . . is priceless.” —The Advocate

“A rare book . . . entertaining and educational.”
-Renée Graham, The Boston Globe

“[Improper Bostonians] will do a necessary job of reminding or informing young people that homosexual feeling wasn’t invented in the last few years, that people who loved their own sex-in Boston and elsewhere-were often responsible for the best that has been thought, said, and done in America.” —Lillian Faderman, Lambda Book Report

“The book is a who’s who of Boston’s best-known gay figures-from poet Amy Lowell to Sen. David Walsh-but its real value lies in the way it manages to integrate gay and lesbian culture into the city’s history as a whole.” —Miami Herald

“The History Project has done a wonderful job of illuminating a part of the Boston saga that is at times tragic, at times hilarious, but always, well, gay.” —Robert Plunket, Boston Magazine

Improper Bostonians

ISBN: 978-080707949-2
Publication Date: 6/1/1999
Pages: 224
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