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I Told You So

Read by: Kate Clinton

A laugh-till-you-cry abridged audio from Kate Clinton’s I Told You So with added bonus tracks

For nearly thirty years Kate Clinton has performed her no-holds-barred, idiosyncratic, side-splitting comedy routines with flair and a pinch of sass in venues across America and beyond. In this new audio compact disc-her ninth comedy collection-Clinton reads personal selections from her new book along with added bonus tracks. Each track is an amuse bouche that will wet your palate for more.
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“Quick-witted, clear-spoken . . . She has developed a bizarrely logical, seemingly free-associating style of delivery that . . . had this critic in tears from laughing so hard.” —Ben Brantley, New York Times

“Clinton rattles off policy issues and political hot potatoes like a Beltway insider.” —Los Angeles Times

“Easily as sharp as top political bananas Jon Stewart and Bill Maher.” —The Advocate

“Girls with mascara-watch out! Kate will have it running down your cheeks in no time flat.” —Rosie O’Donnell

I Told You So is true, terrifying, and coffee-out-your-nose funny. I love Kate Clinton.” —Rachel Maddow, host of The Rachel Maddow Show

“A hilarious, jam-packed and fun-filled collection of thoughts from the mind of an American original.” —Lily Tomlin

“Kate Clinton cuts through ten thousand miles of badness with a single brilliant insight, complete with punch line.” —Tony Kushner


Review: Jane and Jane Magazine - June 1, 2009
“Along with her brilliant delivery, indefatigable work ethic, and uncompromising political courage, Kate Clinton possesses the superpower of maintaining consistent relevancy in our fickle, sound-bite-driven, instant-downloadable age.”

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I Told You So

ISBN: 978-080704451-3
Publication Date: 5/1/2009
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