Beacon Press: Harnessing Grief
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Harnessing Grief

A Mother's Quest for Meaning and Miracles

Author: Maria J. Kefalas

The remarkable story of how a mother moved from rage to hope after learning her youngest child was dying and harnessed her grief to transform the lives of others.
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“‘When the worst possible thing happens, you have nothing left to fear.’ Maria Kefalas illustrates, with fierce love and unexpected humor, the power of grief to transform and motivate a warrior mother to change the world. The Calliope Joy Foundation, named for the author’s daughter, is doing just that—and providing an invaluable resource within the pages of this book for others who seek to do the same.”
—Marianne Leone, author of Jesse and Ma Speaks Up

Harnessing Grief is an inspiring, searingly honest account of a brave woman going through unspeakable loss—and gaining deep wisdom. Anyone who has suffered tragedy will identify with, and learn from, Maria Kefalas’s terrible, beautiful journey.”
—Martha Beck, PhD, author of Expecting Adam

“Kefalas somehow makes poetry and science, grief and hope, the same powerful language. She is fearless and unsparing about the facts that surround her toddler’s illness, and generous and valiant in describing her efforts to fund the research that might cure someone else’s child sometime in the future. Brave, defiant, she shares her journey through profound grief and rage to a faith in the miracle of love.”
—Meredith Hall, author of Without a Map

“A rapidly unfolding but gently paced story of personal transformation forged in grief. I could not put it down. In it, I recognize the stories of so many other families who have received a fatal diagnosis for their child and rise to be exactly the parents their child needs, with love and hope at the core. Maria finds the blessings in her story and inspires us to see bigger and deeper. She shows us that grief can be a superpower capable of changing the world and saving ourselves. And an added bonus is the captivating telling of the story of gene therapy, the golden promise for children affected by rare disease. I am grateful for this book.”
—Blyth Lord, founder, Courageous Parents Network, and rare disease mom

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Harnessing Grief

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