Beacon Press: Growing Up Religious
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Growing Up Religious

Christians and Jews and Their Journeys of Faith

Author: Robert Wuthnow

Memories of religious experiences remain in our minds like few others. In Growing Up Religious, Robert Wuthnow-“the most informed and insightful commentator on American religion today” (Harvey Cox)-follows the lives of ordinary people to see how their childhood experiences inform both their adult sense of spirituality and their relation to issues of faith and tradition.
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“Parents trying to raise children committed to religious values, beliefs, and traditions, and clergy who care about nurturing the religious sensibilities of the youth in their congregations, will want to pay attention to Wuthnow’s conclusions.” -Lauren F. Winner, Christianity Today

“Wuthnow provides substantial documentation of religion’s contribution to the American genius for living comfortably in contradictory worlds while constructing a consistently integrated culture.” -Publishers Weekly

“The individual stories [in Growing Up Religious] are interesting enough but the overall thesis is fascinating: people who grow up religious form a distinct American subculture, one that may transcend ethnicity and often, but not always, may lead to increased religious toleration.” -Choice

“[Wuthnow] provides a unique window into the religious psyche of ordinary Americans.” -Zachary Karabell, Los Angeles Times

Growing Up Religious

ISBN: 978-080702807-0
Publication Date: 3/10/2000
Pages: 296
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