Beacon Press: Can We Talk about Race?
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Can We Talk about Race?

And Other Conversations in an Era of School Resegregation

Author: Beverly Daniel Tatum   Afterword by: Theresa Perry

A Race, Education, and Democracy Series Book

Major new reflections on race and schools—by the best-selling author of “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?“

A Simmons College/Beacon Press Race, Education, and Democracy Series Book

Beverly Daniel Tatum emerged on the national scene in 1997 with “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?,“ a book that spoke to a wide audience about the psychological dynamics of race relations in America. Tatum’s unique ability to get people talking about race captured the attention of many, from Oprah Winfrey to President Clinton, who invited her to join him in his nationally televised dialogues on race.

In her first book since that pathbreaking success, Tatum starts with a warning call about the increasing but underreported resegregation of America. A selfdescribed “integration baby“—she was born in 1954—Tatum sees our growing isolation from each other as deeply problematic, and she believes that schools can be key institutions for forging connections across the racial divide.

In this ambitious, accessible book, Tatum examines some of the most resonant issues in American education and race relations:
  • The need of African American students to see themselves reflected in curricula and institutions
  • How unexamined racial attitudes can negatively affect minority-student achievement
  • The possibilities—and complications—of intimate crossracial friendships
Tatum approaches all these topics with the blend of analysis and storytelling that make her one of our most persuasive and engaging commentators on race.

Can We Talk About Race? launches a collaborative lecture and book series between Beacon Press and Simmons College, which aims to reinvigorate a crucial national public conversation on race, education and democracy.
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“With Can We Talk about Race? Beverly Daniel Tatum has written another thoughtful, personal, and provocative book that will encourage discussion about many of the difficult issues still surrounding race in America—in and out of the classroom. It will be very valuable reading not just for educators and parents but for everyone concerned about the unfinished business remaining after Brown v. Board of Education.” —Marian Wright Edelman, president, Children’s Defense Fund


Review: Boston Globe - May 31, 2007
“What Tatum seeks to do above all is trigger sometimes challenging discussions about race, and infuse those discussions with a reality-based focus on how race affects us all. Her latest book does that beautifully, asking touch questions, and patiently, inclusively seeking answers.”Read Full Review
Review by: Vanessa Bush, Booklist - April 1, 2007
"Ten years ago, Tatum’s book asked the question, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? Her latest book follows up with a broader question about the nation’s readiness to talk honestly about the forces that continue to make race such a thorny issue. In separate essays, Tatum probes the impact of continued segregation in public schools—mostly the result of segregated neighborhoods—on classroom achievement; the difficulty of developing and sustaining interracial relationships in a society that practices silence on race; and the longer-term implications of continued segregation on a changing democracy with a growing nonwhite population. Tatum blends policy analysis and personal recollections as an educator and self-described “integration baby,” born just after the momentous Brown v. Board of Education decision, into a cogent look at the forces that continue to separate the races and the urgent need to begin an honest dialogue. Tatum’s analysis is a probing and ambitious start of a series of books to prod national discussion on issues of race, education, and democracy."
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Can We Talk about Race?

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