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Participant Evaluation Form

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1. Do you think the sessions were: (Please check one)

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How long would you like the sessions to be?


2. Do you think there were: (Please check one)

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If you thought there were too many sessions, which one(s) would you
leave out?



3. If your large group broke into smaller groups for discussion, did this process work? Why or why not?




4. Is there anything that you would like to have talked about that was not included in the sessions? If so, what?



5. What activity(ies) did you especially like? Why?




6. If there was an activity that you feel did not work in this context, can you tell us which activity and why?





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9. Please rate your group leader’s skills in leading the session(s): (Circle one)

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10. What suggestions would you offer to the group leader to improve the way the group is conducted?



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