Beacon Press: A Troubled Guest
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A Troubled Guest

Life and Death Stories

Author: Nancy Mairs

A focused personal and ethical examination of life in the face of death, by one of our most acclaimed essayists
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“Nancy Mairs writes knowingly, even lovingly, about a subject most of us seek to avoid: death and its essential place in life. Her gripping meditations. . . both comfort and provoke with their spiritual strength and hard-won wisdom.” —O Magazine

“The ten essays in Nancy Mairs’s A Troubled Guest . . . radiate the truest kinds of insight about life, illness, death, and above all, love.” —Elle Magazine

“Through these evocative and often affecting essays, Mairs charts a territory that defines the corporeal and the spiritual, delineating as much about how we live as how we die.” —Publishers Weekly

“In clear, unaffected prose that quickly establishes -along with her candor-an intimacy with the reader, Mairs begins by explaining her feelings toward her own impending death. . . . Not self-help by any stretch, but it will be of
interest to anyone recently touched by death.” —Kirkus Reviews

On Ordinary Time:

“A conversion from good-girl spirituality to something much deeper and darker. . . . A remarkable accomplishment. . . . A relentlessly physical writer, as fiercely committed to her art as to her spiritual development.” —Kathleen Norris, The New York Times Book Review

On Carnal Acts:

“Eloquent and remarkable. . . . I closed Carnal Acts feeling a hundred times more prepared for whatever perils and joys lie ahead of me.” —Barbara Kingsolver”

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A Troubled Guest

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