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A Dynamic God

Living an Unconventional Catholic Faith

Author: Nancy Mairs

Passionately nonconformist spiritual reflections from an acclaimed essayist

When Nancy Mairs published her spiritual autobiography Ordinary Time, Kathleen Norris greeted it in the New York Times Book Review as “a remarkable accomplishment,” calling Mairs “a relentlessly physical writer, as fiercely committed to her art as to her spiritual development.” A Dynamic God is Mairs’s return to the subjects of religion and spirituality a passionately individual book of meditations on a life of engaged faith.
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“For those struggling with contradictions between organized religion and their personal beliefs, this testament to living an intimately unique brand of Catholicism will be welcome reading.” —Margaret Flanagan, Booklist

“The vagaries of faith . . . reside at the heart of Nancy Mairs’s A Dynamic God. [The book] owes its power to Mairs’s sensitivity, her attention to detail, her honesty about herself. A stunning collection.” —David Ulin, Los Angeles Times

“An eloquent and witty account of a spiritual quest to find the holy within and without. It suggests a way back to the sacred for Catholics of all varieties.” —Margaret Regan, Tucson Weekly

“Mairs is an extraordinary woman. The acclaimed author of the spiritual autobiography Ordinary Time suffers from multiple sclerosis, yet is able to write with passion about a God that others in her position would have walked away from a long time ago . . . Her self-deprecating humor is wonderful-much like the writing of Anne Lamott, although Mairs manages to create her own style.” —Publishers Weekly

“Early in the book, the author states that her intent is to throw wide the door for the Holy One to enter. She has done that and much more.” —Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice

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A Dynamic God

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